Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday Wednesday Plus More

This week's theme was Rainbow and even though I am late (which isn't all that surprising) I thought I would post anyway. It's pretty self-explanatory but I will be happy to provide a cliff notes version to what you see if you email me in triplicate with a notary seal included on your list of questions. Or you could just go here to check out the rest of the muffin tin fun!

Things not to forget--
Chloe offering her sweater to another little girl who was cold at the ballpark.

That showing kindness to others goes a lot farther than telling my kids to be kind. I need to put this into practice much more often.

The pitiful face and cry that Hutch can concoct when he wants his Mommy. Poor little baby.

The way I feel when Finn really reads and not just recites an oft read to her book.

Question of the Day: How many pairs of sunglasses can you put on a baby?

Answer: A LOT!!!


  1. There is no telling what all the girls will have on Hutch in the future! Cute picture!

  2. What a great tin filled with yummy food!