Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'll Miss

Sometimes I feel like my feet are stuck in concrete. Every day I load the dishwasher and every day I wash clothes. Every day I wipe a behind or a nose or a tear or a table and it brings me down. I get so stuck in the monotony of the everyday that I begin to forget I will, one day, not have cheese stick wrappers stuffed in my couch and crayon on my wall. That my little hotshot will not want me cheering for her at the ball field because she is too cool for sports. That one little baby's eyes are always looking for me and when he finds me, everything is ok. That dried dandelions on my desk are more precious than roses. That one sassy little girl thinks twirling her hair is the best thing in the world and cleaning up her toys takes too long. That the noise I keep trying to silence for a moment's peace soon won't echo through my house.

What will I do then?

Who will I be then?

Who will they be?

What are the things you think you will miss most?

1 comment:

  1. While I complain about it daily,..i will miss the little bodies curling up with us in bed,....

    I will miss the mispronunciations,....and princess parties.