Sunday, March 27, 2011

Play Ball, Tacos, Shiners, and the Biggest Belly Evah

This has been a jam packed weekend for us. Early Saturday morning, we had to be ready for teeball pictures and the opening day jamboree. As soon as we finished that, we had our first game of the season. Don't the girls look lovely as Diamond Dolls?

Chloe's first time at bat. She got a really good hit and actually ran to first base. Sometimes she skips, so this was an improvement.

Finley taking her turn at bat. Finn did well batting too and ran as fast as she could to first.

The whole hour of the game, neither girl was tagged out and both attempted to field balls when they had the chance. Notice I said attempted. It was rather warm out there and both girls asked "when will this be over?"

Hutch spent part of the day in the stroller and part of it climbing the fence. He likes to yell at the players and give them coaching tips in a language nobody understands but him.

One of Hutch's favorite meals is rice and beans. I think it has to do with the fact that that was his last meal he had before he was born.

Tonight Hutch was standing in his bucket of blocks and fell. Big surprise there, but I did tell him to get out. He managed to stop his fall with his face against the baseboard. Ouch! Hopefully it won't look too bad in the morning.

34 weeks and counting!

By the way, if you see me out and about it really helps if you say things like "Really? Six weeks to go? You look like you are going to pop!" Things like that make me feel real real good!

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