Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funny Sayings

I was told recently that I don't write enough on the blog and that hundreds of funny sayings and phrases of the girls are not being recorded. So here goes a little wordiness from me:

Chloe: It's all about fashion. Don't tell me it's not all about fashion. Taa-Taa! She said this to her Daddy and did it with a flair that is signature Chloe.

Hutch has been blowing bubbles lately using an empty bottle of bubbles and the wand. He will dip the wand in, then hold it in the air while going "bbbbbbbbbpppptthhhh" with his mouth.

His new favorite words are baby, ball, Coco, and mik-mik (milk).

A couple nights ago the girls were singing a duet in the tub. Finn's song was "Mom is great, she's better than chocolate cake" and Chloe was singing the Punky Brewster theme song. The harmony was a little off but the sentiment was sweet.

There will be a lot more of these wordy posts in the future and hopefully it won't make my loyal readers abandon ship.

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  1. So, every day I mean to call you and everyday, I don't manage to be able to get to make phone call. Between swimming, tennis, gymnasics, soccer, dentist appointments, you name, I'm swamped and running around like a lunatic. Anyway, just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on the newest addition. Hopefully you have just recieved (or will be soon) a HUGE shipment of clothing for both genders. I have 2 more boxes packed up and they will be on the way in a couple of weeks! Little Miss Fashion should have a grand time going through them and trying on everything! Christian is doing well. The new school has been very positive for him. He misses you and asks about you often. I hope we can get together during the fall so we can all catch up.