Thursday, October 7, 2010

P Stuff

This week we have been flooded with P and more P. From pink princess parties to poodle skirts we have been plum busy. Not to mention the phabulous weather which has led to lots of time outside. In phact, I am outside right now writing this post. Ain't technology grand? But back to P. Monday night I took this picture, the last picture of Chloe as 3 year old. Right after I took it, she asked me if "it meant she had to go away". Ummm, no, you are so stuck with us kid.

The next morning, not only did we have her party to celebrate, Finn had a phantastic day at school to look forward to-- 50's day.

Chloe on her big day in her special outfit!

Pink Pink Pink Cupcakes

After MDO and Finn's dance class, we squeezed in presents before dinner and the tball game. We did a scavenger hunt again and this time the birthday fairy was pretty tricky in where she left the presents.

Yesterday afternoon we had nothing to do between school and church (hooray) so we took the Playdoh outside. Chloe got a picnic themed set and some new cans of that wonderful kid occupier and they had a blast.

This is a smiley phace sandwich made just for me!

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