Friday, October 1, 2010

Easterween and More

During game days, we have to come up with activities to keep the girls entertained while we eat and watch football. Last weekend it was cookie decorating and necklace making. We had spring/Easter cookie cutters and Halloween sprinkles so we invented a new holiday, Easterween. I am not sure it will hit the mainstream but the cookies sure tasted good.

Hutch's mad face--he's upset he got stuck with a blasted cracker and not a delicious cookie.

The necklaces in progress

Hutch turned 10 months old and is getting cuter by the day.

As far as developmental milestones, he is holding steady at the same level as 9 months but since there is no rush to get ahead, we are all happy. He is also a huge Bama fan as you can tell. In this picture, he is saying "Go Bama, beat them Gators!"

The weather has started to cool off by a few degrees so we head outside in the afternoons for some playing and fun. Hutch wasn't too thrilled to be caged though.

Bubbles are always fun.

Chloe looking pretty

I love the way Hutch is looking up to his big sister.

Now the other one gets the same adoration.

A little bit of tightrope aka brick walking

Later after baths, Chloe put these goggles on and wore them a while claiming they help her see better. What a cutie pie!

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