Tuesday, August 3, 2010

During the second week of July, the girls attended a VBS all about heroes at a nearby church. They loved it. Not only did they learn a lot, they had lots of fun. Starting with Monday each night had a special theme that included hats, hair and odd outfits.

Monday was crazy hat night but I did not manage to get a picture of that one. Tuesday was Tacky night. The girls loved it and as you can see so did the rest of us. All week TeeTee and I were their stylists and our motto was "Go Big". We put a lot of effort and planning into their outfits.

Wednesday was "dress like your favorite superhero night". Finley was sorta Supermann and Chloe was Water Woman. What, you don't know who Water Woman is? Where have you been? I promise you can find out who she is if you use googull. I did.

Thursday night was "crazy hair night" and boy did we go big. Floral wire, hair gel, hair spray, and more hair gel achieved the 'do's or don't's you see below. This was a really fun night although Chloe wasn't a big fan of the time it took to achieve it.

Stay tuned for some family night pictures involving a 30 foot water slide!

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