Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kindergarten Kutie

Bright and early last Friday morning we got up and shipped Finn off to the big world of kindergarten. It has been a huge learning experience for all of us as we navigate the drop-off/pick-up lines and figure out how to entertain ourselves all day without the ringleader. That last one applies mainly to Chloe.

She was so very excited to get her picture taken. That is not normal but I took full advantage of it.

Proud parents!

Sad but proud TeeTee. She took this whole growing up event harder than the rest of us.

So far, I have seen lots of worksheets come home and she has even had homework. I have heard stories of kids who get into trouble and how she got lost when she had to walk in by herself. She told me "a big grown-up type person told me I missed my turn so I went back and found my room". She isn't fond of getting up early and neither am I, but I am hopeful after a few more weeks, the routine of it all will help.


Chloe quotes about Finn and school:

"I am making a picture that says Finn I love you please come home from school".

"I will give you money from my piggy bank Mom if you will take me to the gray house".

"But I am doing Mommy school, can't I be in the pageant?"

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