Friday, April 12, 2013

Disney Day #2

For us, there is nothing about Disney that's easy.  Tenacity and hard work pay off though especially in times of monster crowds.  We woke the kids up this day at 5:15 and was at the bus stop by 6am.  We were all grumpy but rope drop is important. 
Before 8am we had hit Enchanted Tales with Belle and the new Little Mermaid ride.  I loved loved loved the Little Mermaid ride.  The details, the music, it was simply awesome.  I could have ridden it ten times but we didn't.  There was too much more to see and do like the teacups. 
 Poster children for happy Disney memories!

 This was Hutch's number one requested ride and I was so upset that this was the only ride he got.  We were never able to squeeze it in again and at a few points it had a 2 hour wait.  It lasts about 1 minute.  We don't wait for rides unless we absolutely have to do so and  never more than 30 minutes.  We are not stand-by people, we are fast pass folks. 

Time for the classic must do Dumbo ride....

J.B. loved it!

Another poster child moment...could they be any sweeter?

Lunch at the Crystal Palace

Time for a magic carpet ride to a whole new world

After the scariest monsoon ever we did a little dancing in Tomorrowland.

We moved our people around......

And we stayed in the most magic of kingdoms until we couldn't take another step but oh what fun we had.

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