Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A little bit more from day 2

I didn't include this story in my original day 2 post because I thought it could stand alone. All of the people on our trip minus April, Hutch and J.B. got into Splash Mountain for what we thought would be a super quick ride. Turns out exactly the opposite happened. We got on the ride and moved through until we were supposed to go up the water hill. (Ill try to add a picture later for those who haven't been on the ride and don't know where we were.). The ride stopped. As in we didn't move for 45 minutes or more. And I had to pee. And there was water rushing towards me the whole time. It was disastrous. Finn got very grumpy and whiny and I really wanted to join her in complaining but I just kept saying "I'm sure we will move soon." Finally a coupes of cast members arrived and said we would be evacuated. After a few more minutes, they started releasing us and we wandered through the insides of Splash Mountain as we made our way out. The cast members were very serious about no taking pictures and I saw one family get a hand thrown up in front of their camera as they tried to snap a photo just after their rescue. After we made it out, they had us all stuck behind the scenes still as they went to bring us the super fast passes you see in the picture. There was another man who didn't think that was enough compensation for his time and he caused a bit of a stink. I, on the other hand, was very grateful that the ride stopped before people got hurt and that my kids and I walked off safe and sound. Was it inconvenient and a hassle? Yes. Did my kids survive with no problem? Yes. End of story and no reason to be upset. I felt even better about things after a bathroom trip.

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