Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All About The C Girl

I don't always focus on just one kid at a time but today it's totally needed.  My C girl, the cheerleader, Cokie frog, Coco has made some awesome artwork lately.  She has also made me laugh a lot.  So this is all about her and these pictures will be keepsakes for me forever.

I triple love that Chloe's "where" is "wear".  Totally appropriate for my little fashion diva girl.

The following pages were a book that I will reassemble tomorrow. At the beginning of the school year, Chloe hated to read.  Seriously hated it and would fight it all the time.  Now she is writing sentences and devouring books.  I'm so happy and proud of her. 

I'm not sure what's wrong with the person on the right.  I'm guessing it's a tumor.

My animal artist is awesome!

I love that she wrote about Finn's trip to the doctor.  She worries about her more than she lets on I believe.

Swing set acrobatics fill our afternoons when the weather cooperates.

She does love getting presents!

Just adorable.  Kind of like the conversation I heard in the car tonight.  I'm sure you will think so too, so read it.  And smile. 

F: I'm going to LBW when I get older.
C: I'm not going to college because I won't have to.
F: Why?
C: Because I'm going to find a man who has a good job and stay at home all the time.  Except when I help out at your farm.  You know, take care of your animals and your kids.
F: Oh, okay.
C: Will you have a husband at home or will he work?
F: I guess only my kids will be home.  How much should I pay you?
C:  I don't really care, just don't give me a penny.
F: How about $7.50 a week?
C: You don't have to pay me that much, seven hundred and fifty is a lot.
F: No I said seven dollars and fifty cents.
C: I know, seven hundred fifty cents is a lot.  You know because a dollar is a hundred cents? 

At this point they abruptly ended the conversation because I guess they realized you shouldn't mix business and family.  I also couldn't really see since they were in the backseat, but I'm pretty sure I heard an eye roll and sigh from Finn.  Most of all, I love that their future plans are all wrapped up with one another and I hope that life doesn't try to separate my girls.  They really do love each other.

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