Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mad king and hutch isms

Hutch loves to go to the Tristan Servuss Center with his quarters and get new toys.  This is totally a gray house adventure.  They walk up there all the time and supply the change.  A couple of weeks ago, Hutch got this "awesome flying robot toy" and he didn't want anyone else to look at it much less touch it.  Well, J.B. didn't think that was right and he tried to grab from Hutch while they were up in the play fort.  Hutch screamed and so did J.B. because Hutch was poking him with a stick.  A very very big stick that would hurt a grown man....  So when I asked Hutch calmly to stop poking his brother, he replied "I can't because I'm a mad king and he's getting my stuff".  Alrighty then, I guess J.B. is second in line to throne and trying to stage a coup one toy at a time.

Some of my most favorite Hutch-isms from the past month or so:

I used up all my sorry's--- when asked to apologize to J.B.

That was a lot of ba peace cars going on a res sues.

Dragons blow hot 'moke on you all the time but not me, I'm a nice dragon.

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