Thursday, August 9, 2012

The First 500

I am in the process of clearing off my iPhone so I can fill it back up again. Most of my quick everyday pics are now on it because it's surgically attached to my hand. :)These are some of my favorites from the first 500!
Googly Eye Fun
Beautiful Eyes
Chloe showing off her moves
Face Paint Fun by yours truly and the ever impressive TeeTee

Country Girl At Heart?
J.B. crashed during a long wait at the doctor's office.
Hutch showing his strong and sweet sides as he sleeps.
How Chloe fell asleep in the swing I will never know.

So full of life and always on the go!
One of the last pictures of Finn with all her baby teeth!
Kite Flying 101
J.B. was looking up at his crazy siblings playing on the swingset.
Safety first!
So pretty!

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  1. Visiting from the link party on the Krull's blog! I love the name if your blog. I call my kiddos little monkeys too. ;)