Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seven is fabulous!!!!

For Finn's big number 7 celebration, I gave in and allowed a skating rink party.  It's the only place in town to really have a shindig other than the park and it was hot.  So we had the most awesome puppy party ever. 
 The adorable and very yummy cake!

 Playing on the floor---notice the distinct lack of skaters.

Present time brought lots and lots of smiles.  Her favorite gifts were shiny, dog themed, and colorful. 

And just so I don't forget one day because they are few and far between now:

Finn says "japaneeno's for jalapeno's".  That's just cute.  What hurts my heart is the fact that she has recently begun saying meatball instead of "neatball".  I'll miss that one and the top of spaghetti song won't ever be as cute as it was.

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