Monday, January 2, 2012


Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the zoo. It was a perfect fall day and the kids were excited. Lillian, Webb, Wynn and Clarissa met us there shortly before lunch.

Finn Giraffe

Hutch is quite fond of sticking his face into animal cut outs.

Chloe Giraffe

My little monkeys on a great big chair.

We had a front row seat to the sea lion show. He was really funny and was an Alabama fan.

See what I mean? He loves these things.

Finn's favorite animal

Most of the crew

Two- headed monkey (or maybe just two one- headed monkeys)

Chloe feeding the birds. We had a short wait for this popular attraction and got a lecture from a grumpy zoo worker because our kids were anxious to get in. Sorry Margaret the zoo lady, you can't dampen our enthusiasm.

See? We are dripping with happiness and excitement.

Carousel rides are always fun!

At this point the kids were getting cranky. And a little hot. So we called it a day. Don't bother asking if we got to ride the stage coach we were offered earlier in the day. We didn't and Finn was very unhappy about it.

Hutch being silly in the hotel. Our favorite part of the hotel was the cheesecake we kept in the fridge. Yummmmmmmy!

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