Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

This year we did a Disney theme for our pumpkins but don't get too excited about the finished products. I'm not sure I have pics of them. If I find some I will add them in later. The kids were enthralled with the guts and brains of the big gourds.

Silly Chloe was part happy and part grossed out by the stringy stuff she was pulling out.

Getting a good picture of all 4 is almost impossible so I was quite proud of this picture. April got a even better one with her phone that we had made into a blanket for Granna's Christmas gift.

During the carving fun, Finn sang an original song over and over while banging on the pumpkin drum. It went like this " one little two little three little lemurs etc." It still cracks us up and sometimes when we need to make them laugh, we will do a rendition of our own stylized version.

Random pic from earlier in the day--showing off their paintings from Oppfest.

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