Sunday, October 9, 2011

The End of the Week

Chloe's Birthday Day started off with a special breakfast of decorated toast and milk. Then it was finally time to wear the shirt she had wanted to put on since it made it into the closet a few weeks back. Here is our big 5 year old princess before school.

After school and work for some, the birthday scavenger hunt began. The first clue led to DDL's house and Finn was a bit more excited than Chloe.

After a present of Walkables from Littlest Pet Shop, it was off to the next location. The Birthday Fairy almost messed up with a confusing clue about yellow slides (one in our backyard and at the playground, ooopsie) but we finally figured it out.

Then the next clue led across the street to Ms. Paula's yard. It was a lot of fun and the last gift was a big hit with everybody, especially Hutch. Although, as April pointed out, it probably isn't a good idea to teach him that baby girls will dance when you lift their skirts and push their belly buttons.

The next night we had "robbits" come into our yard and leave a little surprise. One of the girls had requested this in a roundabout way so I was glad it happened. After they saw it, I am not so sure they loved it as much as they thought they would.

Up Next : Travels and Fiddle Fun

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