Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Athens Again?????

Okay in a desperate attempt to catch the blog up to date before the Halloween festivities kick off, here goes. The time we spent in Athens was full of laughter, smiles, and lots of misadventures. Like the balloon in the ceiling fan and an unfortunate circle of life lesson for Finn (3 cats versus 1 chipmunk).

Hutch watched Webb and Wynn ride various cars and things down the hill so he just had to do it too. The little horse didn't go that fast but it was still too fast for me. Hutch loved it though.

On Monday, thanks to a holiday we were able to have a playdate at the park with a few of our cousins. I think the kids were plotting against the grown-ups here.

Hutch loved the slides as long as Emma went down with him.

Or chased him.

He also loved feeding the ducks which he had never done before. He kept saying "here ducky ducky" and then would throw large chunks of bread into the water.

How many times did we say "do not get into the water" but it must have been said at such a high frequency they could not hear us.

Strike a pose!

The days of cute group shots are long over.

Tuesday Chloe got another birthday celebration with Nana, pizza and cupcakes.

Yes he is on the floor again but really do you blame me? (see previous post if you need a refresher as to why I did this)

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