Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hidy or Hidey or Heidi, you pick!

Once upon a time a kitten peeked in our window. It saw a sick little girl who needed a friend. Never mind that this little girl already had two cats, a dog, and two fish in her house. So this smart little cat began to cry and meow with increasing frequency and sadness. The little girl quickly wore her mother down (sick kid crying big tears will do it every time) and so Hidey joined the family. Her name is Hidey because "she likes to hide a lot". Finn spelled it Hidy when she was writing a list for a cat toy shopping spree paid for by some of her piggy bank contents. I was going to spell it Heidi because I hate creative spellings of names, so really it could be any of the three. Here she is though, ain't she a beauty?

So far she has been a pleasure to have around and quite entertaining with her kitten antics. Hutch is having trouble being as gentle as he needs to be, but it cracks me up when he chases her yelling "HiHiHiHiDEEEEEE". Chloe loves her too but hasn't had as much time to play with her since Finn sees Hidey as only her cat for the most part. It's getting better though.

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