Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Heinz Time

Time to catch up on the last few days weeks. Here are a couple of super cute J.B., he is really getting big.

Hutch loves to get into Chloe's vanity table and eat, I mean apply the lip gloss.

He wears it well, right?

J.B. turned 3 months old during the week of sickness so he isn't too happy about being photographed.

Hutch likes to wear silly shoes, especially ones that make noise through the house. Oh and I did take this for future blackmail material.

Finn had her first day of school and was really happy to be able to go meet new friends.

A kiss for luck and she was on her way.

I do realize that 1 of the fab four isn't pictured, but she will make an appearance next post. Pinkie promise.

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