Thursday, November 24, 2011

McWane Was A BLAST!!!!!

It's only been 6 weeks since Fall Break, but I am finally ready to finish up our trip. Being cooped up in bed recovering has its advantages. We got up early on Friday and headed downtown to the McWane Center. Finley was super pumped to go because her teacher had told her about many of the things she would see.

Hutch loved the bubble room.

The play area for smaller kids was also a big hit.

Chloe working hard to lift Finley up.

This was one of the things Finn had heard a lot about. It is a bed of nails that isn't supposed to hurt, but as you can see she wasn't too fond of it.

She loved this exhibit though.

We used this one to finish drying their hair.

Hutch inspecting some fossils.

An emaciated turtle

Digging for fossils

This area was on of my favorites. We spent a lot of time here laughing and having fun.


Hutch I think

J.B. from the wrong side but a cute pic nonetheless.


Doing weather reports

Getting wet accidentally

The touch tank was really fun too until Hutch got busted for splashing. Oooops!

The coolest eel ever

Happy J.B.

Hutch pretending to be a lover of fruits and vegetables.

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