Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Take 2

After we had warmed up for awhile and had lunch, TeeTee got off of work and came over to play. The girls were really excited because we had promised them "snow cream" when she came over. They really had no clue what it was, but knew it must be special if I was talking it up so much. So we bundled up again and headed back out. At this point, we had about 3 inches so there was plenty for snowballs and more snowmen.

Chloe in lots of layers

snowball in flight again--by the end of the day Finn was dead on with her aim, me, notsomuch

Freezing family portrait

one more time without the dog

Leafy the Snowman

Chloe concentrating

the snowman Finn built all by herself

snow smiley

Hutch did not appreciate the snow at all. He was only out there for 30 seconds as I snapped a couple of pictures but he cried for 27 of those seconds.

Daddy and Chloe with the gigantic-est snowball in the whole world

Chloe close-up

Finn would not sit on the giant snowball. Every time we put her on it, she would say "Wheeee!" and slide down. After this round of play, which I assumed would be our last, we headed in for snow cream. The kitchen floor was a jumbled mess of wet clothes and shoes and mittens with hats. The girls got back into cozy pj's and we settled in for the rest of the day, until...........

Somebody knocked on the door. Outside was a ready to go golf cart and a co-worker of TeeTee's and her husband. They offered to take the girls for
a spin and so we threw some even worse mis-matched clothes on them. Off they went with Jeremy for a simple ride to the gray house so I thought. When they got back, the girls were telling me fanciful tales of "off-trackin'", mud and people. Between our house and the gray house, there are no off-track situations, only quiet residential streets. I was confused but then TeeTee told me what they meant. After they arrived at the gray house, the girls and TeeTee took off on the cart and ended up at the middle school's football stadium. Apparently there were lots of kids using pool floats for sleds behind the school and the girls went off-road through some mud. Finley loved it and Chloe begged for them to get back on the road. They came in for the third time with frozen popsicle fingers, red cheeks, and a very bad attitude because they were so very tired, but the day as a whole was simply magical.

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  1. Sounds like loads of fun! I can't believe this winter were seems to be the coldest & snowyest in a long time! Glad y'all are enjoying it! LOve the pictures!