Friday, February 12, 2010


That was the last time these parts saw a snow of the magnitude we witnessed today. Three whole inches were dumped on us during a most fabulous display of beauty. The girls were in heaven and I was so excited to share it with them. (Monster picture overload coming in a few posts) We woke up at our normal time and saw this:

Not too impressive and although there was some excitement from Finn, I knew it wouldn't do all the things she wanted to do with it. That is not enough for snowballs or snowmen. So we drank some coffee cooled our jets and by 9:30 we had this

Now we were getting somewhere and we started having fun. There were snowballs a flying everywhere and we built the first of four snowmen and one snow ant.

Finn on the attack

Chloe preferred making footprints and blazing trails into undiscovered parts of the yard.

snowball in flight

having a snack

Chloe looking adorable

Our first snowman

Finn after she decided to lick the snow off the ground. don't worry I made her stop after I took this picture and the 12 or so after it

The rewarming process is brutal!

But hot chocolate and marshmallows make it all better!

coming in the next post will be the second round of snow play and a story involving a golf cart ride

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