Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh the Drama

In our house we have been long overdue for one of those rites of passage every kid must face. Head on like a deer in headlights. With much yelling and screaming and some tears. We had the audacity to encourage Chloe to remove the training wheels of her bike once she saw a neighbor who is younger than her riding without hers. Anyway, so we took tool to wheel and had them off in no time. Then the fun misery began. 
We had to remove Finn's too and although she is much more cautious when it comes to new things she did try hard, when she wasn't yelling "put them back on!"

Chloe had a much better first day as her bike is smaller and she has NO FEAR!  AT ALL!  ABOUT ANYTHING! (except kindergarten, but that's another post for another day)

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