Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hutch Update

Since I have been so chatty this month I thought I would add one more update. This one is all about the Hutch man. Lately he has been a trip to be around. He is attempting to talk more with the occasional "Hi, Bye, Coco, Finny, TeeTee" and a LOT of "Mama and Dadda". He is officially walking although in some instances he still prefers crawling. He can climb on the ottoman and the bottom bunk of the girls' bed. He has developed an intense desire to self-feed especially when he can use a spoon.

He still gets a bottle before bedtime but I think we will end that soon. He needs to get a little more used to his cups before we totally cut it out. Besides, it really helps to knock him out for bedtime.

He still gets into a mess of trouble on a daily basis. Throwing things into the trash can, sinking toys in the dog's water bowl, and rearranging my bathroom cabinet are some of his favorite activities. When he isn't doing one of those, he likes to make noise and play with cars and blocks.

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