Sunday, September 26, 2010

And they're cousins.....

(a small group photo-- we actually had 14 cousins in the house at one point plus a few more kids with 12 of them age 5 and under!)

Last weekend we headed out early on Friday for a chance to love on E Squared and the rest of that crazy bunch we call the Marbut side. If you have been around this blog long enough (or the old one) you will know that every car trip I attempt to take to Athens involves a bodily fluid or process somewhere along the way. Most of the time it is plat which can go into the bucket and be cleaned up. This time however, it was pee and poop. Hooray! I will spare you the rest of the details but just know it was GROSS! When we arrived it was dinnertime and we ate at Jenn's. It was mass chaos and pandemonium when you cram that many adults and little kids into a house. We were very fortunate that our Texas relatives, Don, Carolyn and Aunt Avis, were there too. I did not get enough time to talk to them as I wanted but I was too busy herding cats and trying to record it for posterity. The rest of the weekend was spent playing and shopping and football watching and eating. Finn and Chloe were very sad that we had to leave as they LOVE all their cousins very much. Chloe has already planned our trip to California but I am not sure how long it will take her to pay for it. For the rest of the Athens folks, see ya'll at Christmas.

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